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Discover Paintball Games

Paintball is an invigorating and growing sport. While it may seem violent at first to take a shot at your friends or strangers, the game is all in good fun and far more about strategy and athleticism than anything else.

Paintballing begins with gearing up for safety and being assigned your own gun. You are then taken to an arena, which can be indoors or outdoors, given sides and positions, and set loose. These games can be one side versus the other, capture the flag, battle reenactments, or any variety of other activities.

One highly recommended companies in the UK is Battlezone Paintball, experts in great paintball games and other outdoor activities for all sizes and types of groups. Whether you're on a stag party, corporate team building or a birthday party, all will enjoy the thrill of playing this game in some of the best venues

The big question with paintballing is always, does it hurt? The truth is, it depends on what clothes you are wearing and how far away the person targeting you is. While that may not be a satisfying answer, those who wear sensible long sleeves and thick clothing, including the overalls that are typically provided to protect your clothes, will not be particularly uncomfortable. Close range shots can hurt and may leave a small bruise, but games are typically set up in such a way to encourage long-range shots only.

Paintballing is an excellent choice for stag and hen parties. Most facilities hold them fairly regularly and already have a program in place for your event. Many parks will organise a "stag hunt" for you and your boys, in which the groom is dressed up in a funny or awkward costume for the duration of the game. Stag and hen parties of this type always result in some amazing pictures and some great memories.

This type of game can also make an excellent corporate team building event. While every man for himself can work in some activities, it is more often divided into teams, and those teams will be more successful if they work together in an organised fashion. This type of corporate team building event encourages quick thinking, excellent communication, and leadership development, all in a fun and nonthreatening atmosphere. It can also be a great way for the team to get out a few of their frustrations with daily office life.

Consider looking for your field of choice through the UK Paintball Sports Federation. The UKPSF registers different locations and holds them to a higher safety standard. Those who become fans of the game might also consider becoming members of the UKPSF, which among other things, offers insurance against injury while playing paintball.

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